Sunday, September 4, 2016

Happy Missionary Labor Day!

 Visits at the Mission Office

Language Study 

District Meeting-Heroes-Tecamac Zone

Checking Out a Rental

Taking a Look at the Progress of the Tizayuca Chapel Remodel

Stake Conference Tulancingo

Lovely dinner after Stake Conference, with the Area 70, Patriarch and his wife, Stake Presidency Counselor and his wife and the family of the Stake President. Thank you President and Sister Berny for the wonderful afternoon and delicious food.


Uno Mas...
President with a future Missionary.
Hermana on the left is a YSA  who helps the Hermanas. Getting ready to serve her mission.
These Hermanas take "Quatro Dados" very seriously!!
Check out this Agenda!
President 140 of his best friends!

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